Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

The official and award-winning traveling van Gogh Experience

The Meet Vincent van Gogh experience is inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining. Inspiring projections, reproductions, sounds and scenes of his artworks, letters, life and environment create the feeling that you are part of the action. It feels so real that it is as if you are actually meeting Vincent himself. The Meet Vincent van Gogh experience does not only show Vincent’s world, his life and his work, but you can also feel and hear it. You follow Vincent’s tempestuous development from under-appreciated talent to one of the most impressive artists of all times. You meet his intense character, his ambitions and desires and his search and passion for the arts. It takes you on an unforgettable, multi-sensory journey.

Meet Vincent van Gogh was officially awarded the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – ‘Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit’ in 2017.


  • Only official Van Gogh experience created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum
  • An all-encompassing multidisciplinary experience for everyone, also very suited for schools/educational purposes.
  • Tailored to all ages: different guided audio tours for children and adults
  • Fully interactive exhibition including: drawing & painting stations, touchable close-ups of van Gogh’s paintings, real life props in every scene and more!
  • Fully stocked retail shop with the official van Gogh merchandise
  • Flexible layouts and exhibition sizes available

Multisensory Experience

Moving through six different sections, visitors are surprised at every stage of Vincent’s life by a completely different approach to the experience. Though this set-up, visitors remain fascinated throughout the entire tour. Impressive sets let both young and old witness Vincent unfold as a man and as an artist. Visitors are challenged to engage in interactive activities such as drawing using a perspective frame, portrait drawing and digitally painting using the colors from Vincent’s palette.

The experience also invites visitors to jump into the science behind the art and discover what we’re still learning about this passionate and dedicated artist. They can feel the craggy surface of Vincent’s canvases, see the streets of Paris as he saw them and hear the wind rustling through the wheat field where the famous artist spent some of his last moments.

Facts & figures

  • Over 10,000 components
  • More than just projections – the exhibition includes 3D sets depicting different scenes from Vincent’s life (i.e. bedroom, yellow house, cafes, field, etc.)
  • 17 projectors, more than 20 screens, over 300 controlled light fixtures and 21 cameras
  • Stock of official, high-quality Van Gogh merchandise and the possibility for customized merch to fit local preferences
  • Several layouts available & flexible for smaller or larger venues


It is our mission to make Van Gogh’s life and work accessible to as wide-ranging an audience as possible, to involve, enrich and inspire them. The revenue generated by the experience directly contributes to the museum’s activities to secure the legacy of Vincent van Gogh for future generations.